Allinova was founded in 2005 by Gijs Elfrink where the core activities were sales and development of flame retardants and wax emulsions.

Over the last decade, the product portfolio matured and includes a sophisticated mix of flame retardants, repellents, crosslinkers and wax emulsions, among other specialties. During these years the team was also strengthened by experienced and skilled people who all have a chemical background. Early 2016 Bob Horsthuis joined Allinova to support the management of Allinova from a business development perspective. 

Very recently Allinova upgraded its production facilities which will be beneficial for even greater product quality and reduced lead times.

ECS 2019
Our first presence at the ECS 2017 was a great success. We hope that you will help us to repeat this in 2019!
New products for Galvano
Allinova has introduced new products for corrosion protection that are used in the galvano industry.
Primary PE dispersions
Allinova developed a novel production process to produce primary PE wax dispersions.