The Management

Gijs Elfrink, who graduated in Physics, started his career at Dick Peters BV which was at that time a daughter company of Clariant until it was acquired by BYK-Cera (subsidiary of Altana) in 2009. During this successful time Gijs has been responsible for the product development and marketing of textile auxiliaries, paper chemicals, flame retardants and wax emulsions. One of his great achievements during this time was the launch of zirconium based crosslinkers as a whole new product group where he was solely responsible for the product development, unique raw material sourcing and marketing.

Bob Horsthuis graduated in chemistry after his apprenticeship at Schmits International BV in Almelo with a thesis on permanent flame retardants for cotton and polycotton. He continued his career at Dick Peters BV where he built up his vast experience in the field of wax emulsions and dispersions. After a temporary project to re-establish a wax emulsion plant in Leuna, Germany, he started at Paramelt BV in 2007. During his initial years at R&D, he set up a full range of wax emulsions for various technical industries and a completely new range of polymer dispersions for heat seal, barrier and other functionalities for the flexible packaging industry. From 2012 he became commercially responsible as well for these product ranges as Product Manager.

ECS 2019
Our first presence at the ECS 2017 was a great success. We hope that you will help us to repeat this in 2019!
New products for Galvano
Allinova has introduced new products for corrosion protection that are used in the galvano industry.
Primary PE dispersions
Allinova developed a novel production process to produce primary PE wax dispersions.