Primary PE wax dispersions

Allinova developed a novel process to produce primary wax dispersions which opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

Primary PE wax dispersions exist already for a couple of decades, under the brandnames Poligen PE or Hordamer PE02. These products offer unique properties compared with secondary wax emulsions, and have found their way to various industries for that reason. Secondary, or classic wax emulsions, are produced by melting the wax and emulsifying it in water. Primary wax dispersions on the other hand, are produced by the emulsion polymerisation of ethylene under extremely high pressures, in a continuous process. The technology behind this process has become aged and is potentially dangerous.

Allinova has developed a much cleverer process to produce similar products, that is far less dangerous because it operates at lower pressures. Apart from that, this new process allows for a broader selection of monomers, and therefore polymers, which are still polyethylene based. It is now possible to achieve dispersions of polymers with much higher molecular weights (lower MFI) and with higher active contents. Apart from that, the resulting dispersions are virtually free of rest-monomers and polymerisation aids.

Slowly but steadily these new products are replacing traditional primary PE dispersions in a number of applications, like release agents for metal die-casting (mainly aluminium die-casting), masterbatches, pigment orientation, paper coatings or binders.

Our new product range includes products that have the following characteristics:

• Excellent UV stability

• High durability

• High temperature stability

• High transparency with good film formation

• Non-decolorizing

• Superb wetting and adhesion on metal

Our standard range is listed in the table below.

Overview primary PE dispersions

Novaspers PE02
Very high molecular weight PE, non-ionic, 40% solids
Aluminium die-casting
Novaspers PE04
Medium molecular weigh PE, anionic/non-ionic, 40% solids
Aluminium die-casting
Novaspers PE06
Medium molecular weigh PE, anionic/non-ionic, 40% solids
Masterbatches, pigment orientation, paper coatings
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Masterbatch dispersant and pigment orientation
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Primary PE dispersions
Allinova developed a novel production process to produce primary PE wax dispersions.