Crosslinkers are used in a wide variety of application areas where the main purpose is enhancement of coating properties like (wet) durability, tear strength, fastness, hydrophobicity and rub or abrasion resistance.

Our Zirconium based crosslinkers are for instance used as insolubilizer in paper coatings or durability improvers of water based paints, but as well to reduce or eliminate free formaldehyde in formaldehyde based resins, for which there is an ever-growing demand.

To learn more about the principle of our zirconium based crosslinkers, click on "Explanation", or click on "Overview" to learn more about Allinova's crosslinkers product range.

ECS 2019
Our first presence at the ECS 2017 was a great success. We hope that you will help us to repeat this in 2019!
New products for Galvano
Allinova has introduced new products for corrosion protection that are used in the galvano industry.
Primary PE dispersions
Allinova developed a novel production process to produce primary PE wax dispersions.