Flame retardants



Flame Retardants (or sometimes Fire Retardants) are compounds that are added to finished materials such as plastics, paper, wood or textiles, or are used as surface finishes and coatings on such materials that inhibit, suppress, or delay the production of flames to prevent the spread of fire.

Allinova offers a full range of Flame Retardants that function via different mechanisms. Our mineral based products for example can be used as functional additive in binder systems or on their own where they are typically applied by impregnating the substrate. Our organophosphorus compounds on the other hand have a more reactive working mechanism, which results in a durable and permanent effect.

The latest breakthrough development is our fully aqueous dispersion of micro-encapsulated Red Phosphorous as alternative for Antimony or Organohalogen based chemistries.

Click on "Explanation" to learn more about the principles behind flameretardancy, or click on "Overview" to learn more about Allinova's extended Flame Retardants product portfolio.

Flameretardant textile

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