Allinova offers a range of repellents for water, oil, grease and dirt based on different chemistries like silane, wax, hydrophobic binder or fluorocarbon.

Our water based fluorocarbon emulsions are specially developed to give an excellent alcohol-, water- and oil repellency to paper, non wovens, carpets and textile fabrics. Allinova's fluorocarbon emulsions offer an extreme soft handle and superb color fastness when applied on textiles and non-wovens.

The fluorocarbon (perfluoralkylacrylate) films that are formed during the drying of the fluorocarbon emulsions do have an extremely low surface energy. Because this surface energy is lower than the surface tension of alcohol, oil and water, the film will repel these liquids very effectively.

Perfluoralkylacrylate gets orientated during the drying process which results in an even lower surface tension. For applications where only limited drying or curing temperatures can be achieved, Allinova offers a special type that orients effectively at room temperature.

Recently the demand for fluorofree systems has grown and Allinova prepared for this with the development of repellents based on different chemistries.

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ECS 2019
Our first presence at the ECS 2017 was a great success. We hope that you will help us to repeat this in 2019!
New products for Galvano
Allinova has introduced new products for corrosion protection that are used in the galvano industry.
Primary PE dispersions
Allinova developed a novel production process to produce primary PE wax dispersions.